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Orecchiette recipes

Orecchiette recipes

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Cookbook / Recipes / Apulian Orecchiette - Wikibooks, manuals.
11 Oct 2008. Cookbook / Recipes / Apulian Orecchiette. Wikibooks, manuals and free textbooks. & lt Cookbook | Recipes . details

recipe with photos to make homemade cooking orecchiette.
cooking recipe: orecchiette. orecchiette: ingredients for making homemade pasta orecchiette. The basic recipe for Apulian orecchiette is simple:. details

Recipe Orecchiette with turnip tops - The Recipes of.
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The recipes - The land of Puglia
Orecchiette with cauliflowers. Strong ricotta orecchiette. Recipes tested by the visitors of the it.hobby.cucina newsgroup. details

Recipe Orecchiette rosé with prawns and rocket
10 Oct 2010. Written by Dany in First courses based on fish and vegetables. Cooking recipes Recipe Orecchiette cauliflower and sausage. Cooking recipes . details

Salento recipes: 3 ways to cook orecchiette

The orecchiette they represent the pasta format that is most easily associated with Puglia and Salento and I am sure that you have eaten them at least once. It is a type of pasta that reminds us of small ears in its shape. Small white domes with a rough surface, which reign in numerous Salento recipes.

I want to propose you 3 original ideas to cook them and to do it I went to rummage a bit among the tastiest Salento recipes. I hope I have chosen well!


Obviously of Salento recipes based on orecchiette there are an infinity of them. I chose these three based on the ease of realization and a little, I admit, on my personal tastes, hoping that in part they are yours too.


You do warm up dell & # 8217 oil in a pan ed add a finely chopped clove of garlic and a small red onion cut into small chunks. You do brown the whole ed unite a handful of capers, washed and dried, and 100 grams of black olives, pitted and cut in half.

You do cook the orecchiette in salted water, drain and pour them in the previously prepared dressing. Mix the whole ed add two ripe tomatoes cut into small pieces, salt, pepper and chopped parsley. Jumbled up And served the dish with a sprinkling of flaked pecorino cheese: you will lick your mustache!


It is one of the Salento recipes most famous and not including it in this article seemed a bit disrespectful to me. You do cook in abundant salted water 600 gr. of turnip greens, after having cleaned them, washed them well and cut them. In a pan do brown two crushed cloves of garlic, some chopped anchovy fillets and some chopped chilli.

When the turnip greens are cooked, join them to the sauce and use the water in which you boiled them to cook the orecchiette. Once cooked pour them in the pan and mix all this, perhaps adding a little more cooking water. The dish is served!


This is the third variant based on orecchiette caught among the tastiest Salento recipes. You do fry thinly sliced ​​onion in oil ed unite then 2 courgettes washed and cut into strips and speck, about 150 gr. You do cook the whole ed add a few tomatoes cut in half.

Cook orecchiette in salted water e pour them then in the dressing, adding pepper, salt and basil. Serve all with a sprinkling of Parmesan and that's it!

What do you think? Do you have others to recommend? I await your comments!

Not only turnip greens: 10 sauces to season the orecchiette

The orecchiette with turnip greens they are certainly the most cited by those who have to imagine a culinary symbol from the Puglia region. But orecchiette can also be eaten with sauce (preferably with chops) or with salted ricotta. Each area has its own variations, but the orecchiette do not marry & # 8211 only & # 8211 with the sauces of the Apulian tradition: the shape of the & # 8217orecchietta lends itself to gathering ingredients and combinations of flavors from all over Italy.

Here you are 10 recipes with orecchiette, designed and cooked by the editorial staff of La Cucina Italiana

Orecchiette and turnip tops: the recipe

by Giorgia Di Sabatino Contributor

by Alessandro Pirollo Editorial staff

by Germana Cabrelle Contributor

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Clean the broccoli and wash them. Boil the broccoli in salted water and, when cooked, drain and set aside. Keep the cooking water some broccoli.

Cut the broccoli into small pieces. Take a pan, pour a drizzle of d & rsquooliva and add thegarlic and the chili pepper. I used the whole crushed clove of garlic but if you prefer you can chop it.

As soon as the garlic begins to fry, add 2 anchovy fillets Sott & rsquoolio and let them melt. Add the broccoli cut and mix. Adjust to salt, add a little bit of broccoli cooking water, cover and let the broccoli flavor for a couple of minutes. As soon as the broccoli is ready, add two more anchovy fillets, crumble and mix.

Cook the orecchiette in the water of the broccoli and, when cooked, transfer them to the pan with the broccoli. Cream the orecchiette by adding cooking water when necessary.

Once ready, remove the pan from the heat and, if you want, add some grated cheese. The Apulian recipe does not provide it but if you like it, go for it!

Orecchiette recipe

First of all, make the dough by combining the flour with the salt in a large bowl.

Then make a hole in the center and pour the water at room temperature:

Work first with a wooden spoon in order to mix the liquids well, then turn over on a work surface and knead vigorously for about 7 - 10 minutes until the dough is compact and homogeneous. It could be a little hard, don't worry, mix well.

Wrap in cling film and let it rest at room temperature for 20 minutes.

After the indicated time, remove a piece from the ball, always making sure to close it in film.

Roll it like a snake on a work surface such as marble or wood without any type of flour at a thickness of 1 cm

slice many small pieces about 1 cm in size

Then sprinkle the cutting board or tray where you are going to place your orecchiette with a handful of semolina flour.

How to form the Orecchiette by hand

First of all, round each piece it will be easier to get a perfect shape in no time!

Equip yourself with a coletello with a round tip, squeeze the ball starting from the upper edge "dragging" the knife forcefully over the entire ball until it becomes "convict"

At this point turn your piece upside down letting out the central head and leaving the edges as they are! Here you are ready your orecchietta!

Make all your pasta in this way by placing the orecchiette next to each other (not one on top of the other), always taking care to sprinkle the base on which you place them with semolina:

Then let it air dry for about 1 hour

Store the homemade Orecchiette

Once the indicated time has elapsed, the pasta will have become harder and naturally drier on the surface. At this point sprinkle with semolina and mix it with your hands. Leave it in the air for about 40 minutes.

Then store in plastic food bags. you can keep it in the fridge for 2 - 3 days.

Cooking Orecchiette

Cook in abundant salted water for about 5 minutes, the time they rise to the surface. However, I advise you to taste it to evaluate its fleshiness! It is possible that depending on the thickness they take longer to cook!

Once cooked you can season them as you prefer! with the classic dressing with turnip greens drain directly into a pan with a sauce of fresh tomato maybe enriched by sheep ricotta alla pugliese with vegetables or oil and parmesan, or even with an excellent ragù

Orecchiette with cherry tomatoes and salted ricotta

The orecchiette with cherry tomatoes and salted ricotta I'm a vegetarian first course fulfilling and quick to make! The main ingredients for the dressing, in fact, can be prepared while the pasta is cooking. A traditional and simple recipe, the result of which depends on the quality of the selected raw materials.

  • 300 g of fresh orecchiette
  • 350 g of cherry tomatoes
  • 200 g of hard salted ricotta
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 sprig of basil
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt

The orecchiette with cherry tomatoes and salted ricotta they are a super-fast recipe, because it allows you to prepare the sauce while cooking the pasta. Orecchiette are a type of pasta characteristic of the Apulian cuisine, whose shape resembles that of "small ears". You can make them fresh at home, following the basic recipe, which involves a dough with a part of durum wheat semolina And two of white flour.

This first course it is very colorful and satisfying and will bring i typical flavors of southern Italy. You can think of a richer variant, adding half or even a box of tomatoes to the tomatoes cannellini beans well drained and perfume everything with Rosemary instead of basil. If you love spicy flavors, you can also add them a pinch of red pepper.

The fresh orecchiette they are the basic ingredient of many tasty first courses, such as Orecchiette with turnip tops or Orecchiette with broccoli. If you prefer long pasta but want to prepare a dish of pasta with traditional flavors you can try the recipe of Tagliolini with pesto, almonds and confit tomatoes or the Scialatelli with cod, cherry tomatoes and basil.

Orecchiette with turnip tops

The orecchiette with turnip tops I'm a first course typical of the kitchen Apulian, made of genuine ingredients: flour and water for the orecchiette and tasty vegetables for the dressing. This simple recipe from the tradition, knows numerous variations, in the version that we propose there is the spicy of chili pepper and the flavor ofanchovy.

  • 200 g of durum wheat semolina
  • 400 g of flour.
  • 1 kg of turnip greens
  • 4-5 anchovy fillets
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 dl of oil
  • chili pepper
  • salt
  • pepper

The orecchiette are the first course from pasta symbol of Apulian cuisine, its existence is documented as early as 1500. In this recipe we propose the simplest and most traditional version: orecchiette with turnip tops, but you will find numerous variations of this dish of poor cuisine, with the addition of ingredients such as cherry tomatoes, the sausage or le orecchiette with turnip tops and breadcrumbs, or without anchovies, which not everyone loves.

As with many recipes of first courses based on fresh pasta, the beauty is to try to make pasta at home, as still happens in the Apulian kitchens, just mix durum wheat flour and soft wheat flour with a little d ' water and salt and follow the basic recipe of orecchiette

If the ingredients for the dough do not vary, the toppings are infinite, traditionalist experts recommend dressing them with sun-dried tomato preserve, extra virgin olive oil, hot pepper and oregano, closing the dish with a turn of 'toasted ricotta. that is, well dried and suitable for grating.

For further proposals of alternative condiments you will find different recipes with orecchiette in the dedicated section.

How to cook orecchiette with fish

Even the fish lends itself to becoming the right condiment for a dish of orecchiette that goes well with tuna fish for a recipe that combines the sea and the land.

The fish joins the eggplant to bring to the table a dish full of unparalleled aromas, colors and flavors.

  • 500 g of orecchiette
  • a 300 g tuna fillet
  • 2 small eggplants
  • 5-6 cherry tomatoes
  • a few mint leaves
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt and pepper.

To prepare the orecchiette with aubergines and tuna here is the method:

  1. first of all, washed and slice the eggplant, put them in a colander and cover them with coarse salt so that they lose their bitter taste
  2. meanwhile, divide the fillet into cubes tuna fish and set it aside
  3. thoroughly rinse the eggplant, dry them with a clean linen cloth and divide them into chunks about 2 cm large
  4. in a cooking pan, you do brown L'garlic with 4-5 tablespoons of oil, add the Cherry tomatoes cut in half and seeded and add the aubergines. Let it fry for 5-6 minutes, then add the fish. Season with salt and cook well for 5 minutes
  5. in the meantime, cook the orecchiette, drain when al dente and add them to the pan. Add the chopped mint leaves and cook on the stove for a couple of minutes.

Serve the orecchiette with tuna hot and steaming.

  • To prepare the orecchiette alla pugliese, put a saucepan with plenty of salted water on the stove and boil it.
  • Meanwhile, wash the turnip greens and clean them by removing the most damaged leaves and the parts of the stem that are too hard.
  • At this point, add salt to the boiling water and enjoy cook the turnip greens for 5 minutes.
  • Drain and squeeze them well.
  • Set aside the cooking water where you will cook the orecchiette.
  • Meanwhile, in a large pan, heat some extra virgin olive oil and fry the anchovy fillets with the two peeled garlic cloves and coarsely chopped chilli.
  • Sauté the turnip greens in a pan and season with salt.
  • When the orecchiette are cooked al dente, drain and stir them in a pan with turnip greens, wetting everything with half a cup of pasta cooking water.
  • Add the cherries of Mozzarella Santa Lucia cut in half and stirred over the fire.
  • Serve the orecchiette alla pugliese hot.

The orecchiette alla pugliese are a regional first course with a particular but delicate taste.

Follow the advice of our recipe and prepare them for a quick dinner with family or friends.

The Apulian orecchiette are very similar to the so-called "cavatelli", a fresh pasta shape made with a simple dough made with durum wheat flour and semolina.

It is another type of pasta typical of the Apulian cuisine with an elongated shape, whose original recipe is made with tomato sauce, garlic and ricotta or with sausage ragù.

Going back to talking about cooking, in the original recipe of the Apulian orecchiette pasta is wrapped in a seasoning with a spicy taste prepared with turnips, chilli and anchovies. But if you are a lover of experimentation and want to give a new look and new flavors to this first course, here are our tips for you.

There are those who add tomatoes, those who prepare them without chilli and those without garlic. For a variantvegetarian to serve and enjoy with friends, add a few tablespoons of ricotta to the sauce and exclude the anchovies.

An excellent alternative is also that of orecchiette with turnip greens pesto, prepared with extra virgin olive oil, walnuts, basil and pecorino. Once you have the turnip greens pesto, cook the pasta in boiling water as per recipe and season with the cream obtained. You will bring to the table some tasty and colorful green orecchiette to garnish as desired with aromatic herbs.

Another regional version of orecchiette is the Lucanian one, in which pieces of crumbled bread crumbs are added to the turnip tops and browned in a pan for a few seconds.