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Trail Mix Cookies

Trail Mix Cookies

These cookies are inspired by the most trusted human energy source: trail mix. They’re crammed with toasted nuts, dried fruit, hearty oats, and chocolate.


  • 1½ cups assorted raw nuts and seeds
  • ½ cup (60 g) old-fashioned oats
  • 4 Tbsp. unsalted butter, melted
  • ¼ cup (packed; 50 g) dark brown sugar
  • 2 Tbsp. (25 g) granulated sugar
  • ¾ cup assorted dried fruit (cut into ½" pieces if large)
  • ¾ cup chopped bittersweetchocolate bars or chips or disks
  • ½ cup (63 g) all-purpose flour

Recipe Preparation

  • Place racks in upper and lower thirds of oven; preheat to 350°. Toast nuts and seeds and oats on a rimmed baking sheet, tossing once, until golden brown, 10–12 minutes. Transfer to a medium bowl; let cool.

  • Meanwhile, mix egg, butter, brown sugar, granulated sugar, vanilla, salt, and baking soda in a large bowl; let sit until nuts are cool (this will make for a chewier cookie).

  • Add dried fruit and chocolate to nut mixture; toss to combine. Give egg mixture a good stir, then stir in flour. Mix in nut mixture, smashing it against the sides of the bowl with a rubber spatula, until combined and mix-ins are evenly coated in dough. (It will look like too many mix-ins, but dough will come together as it chills.) Cover and chill at least 2 hours and up to 3 days.

  • Reheat oven to 350°. Using a ⅓-cup measure or #16 cookie scoop, portion out dough, packing firmly, to make 12 cookies. Divide between 2 parchment-lined baking sheets as you go. Using measuring cup or your hand, press cookies into 2½"-diameter disks about ¾" thick; sprinkle with sea salt.

  • Bake cookies, rotating baking sheets top to bottom and front to back once, until golden brown and no longer wet-looking, 11–13 minutes. Let cool on baking sheets.

  • Do Ahead: Cookies can be made 1 week ahead. Store airtight at room temperature.

Recipe by Sohla El-WayllyReviews SectionThese are so good! I made them 3 times the same week I found the recipe. I like mixing different ingredients. They are really nice with some lemon zest too. Thank you Solha!_ellaNorth Carolina08/01/20I have made this recipe several times already, these are SO good. My partner is gluten-free and these work equally well with GF flour.AnonymousVancouver, Canada06/12/20So good and I think if it as a feel good cookie because it’s full of protein and fruit. I used apricots (which were amazing because they’re soft and gooey), mango, golden raisins, 1/2 walnuts, 1/2 cashews, a few peanuts. I toasted the oats with my nuts because I thought that’s what I called for. I did everything it called for, chilled overnight and they turned out great! I took them as a power snack for protesting but I imagine they’re great for hiking and everything else - including breakfast cookie.TootsalotHonolulu, HI06/07/20SO DELICIOUS! I used a combo of pistachios, walnuts, pecans, and cashews with a combo of dried cherries, golden raisins, and dried apricots along with dark chocolate chips. They turned out fantastic and it was a great way to use up leftover pantry items. Definitely making these again!AnonymousCincinnati06/04/20Really tasty. Went with slightly fewer chocolate chips. Worked out perfectly too.Super tasty! I overdid it with the salt, and I have zero regrets.dzambaskaMacedonia05/30/20We went hiking today and decided to make these cookies for the trip and they were an instant hit. A few changes I made to the recipe: I substituted organic coconut palm sugar (Wholesome brand) for the granulated sugar and brown sugar and gluten free multipurpose flour (Cup4Cup brand) in place of regular flour. For nuts, I used a mix of almonds and walnuts and for dried fruit I used dried cherries and golden raisins. I let the mix chill overnight and made them first thing in the morning. Even with my substitutions, this recipe came out fantastic! Definitely will make these again!RamirezCarolinaJersey City, NJ05/25/20I apparently skipped right over the “oats” in the two places it appears in this recipe. Weirdly enough, the recipe still worked and was honestly great. We did add1/4 cup chocolate chips. I’d make this again with the oats for science. But would also happily make it without because they tasted like a delicious, super toasty / nutty chocolate chip cookie without. Nuts and seeds used: walnuts, almonds, sesame, pumpkin, sunflower. Dried fruits used: golden raisins, regular raisins, dried cranberries.AnonymousMichigan05/19/20Love these cookies. I used steel cut oats and added some fennel seed—just 1 (heaping) teaspoon. Wow! Great flavor addition with the dried cranberries and raisins I had on hand.Thank you for a recipe that is so flexible!neschaadt4536Portland, Oregon 05/13/20I was really wanting to like these but mine didn’t turn out very well. I THINK my batter was still a bit warm when I mixed in the chocolate which caused it to melt and turn the batter an ugly color and ruined the effect of having the chips. And maybe I didn’t flatten them enough. Not a win for me.These cookies are excellent. I had dried apples and bananas and using my dried fruit made these cookies great. Top quality ingredients always helps make a recipe work well.The best cookie! I couldn’t decide on a single fruit or nut, so I made them with apricots, strawberries, cashews & pecans. Next time, it’s a double batch!AnonymousTacoma,WA05/12/20Super easy to make and delicious. A little bit salty for my liking so I will cut the 1 tsp of salt back next time. Sea Salt on the top is a must though!AnonymousCharlotte, NC05/12/20I'm eating my first batch for breakfast right now and I am a happy girl. They are delicious! I used white chocolate instead of bittersweet because I hate chocolate and I did not let the batter chill because I did not have the patience after tasting the batter (I am okay with consuming raw egg, but it is advisable not to). I used a mix of dried apricots, golden raisins and dates, chopped, and a mix of pecans, cashews, dry roasted peanuts and walnuts. As an avid hiker I would love to take these on the trail, but they would probably never make it to the trailhead. Lifes short, eat cookies.AnonymousDuluth, MN05/12/20So good, so easy. Better than any trail mix I’ve ever had.Burlington, Vermont05/11/20So good, so easy. Better than any trail mix I’ve had.Burlington, Vermont 05/11/20Wow! This is an amazing cookie and so incredibly easy to make. I am not what you would call an "expert baker" and even I could do this one. A big hit in the household and so delicious! I look forward to adding in some different fruits and nuts next time.This recipe was terrific. The cookies were very easy to make; and delicious! I used sunflower seeds almonds, cashews, & walnuts. I also used cranberries and dried blueberries. I love that any mix would work. Next time, I’ll swap pistachios for the cashews. True to the article; these are great make ahead trail mix cookies to carry when hiking or traveling.J LeonNew York, NY05/11/20I think these are great. Crunchy, fruity. Pretty easy to make. I used pecans and almonds with dried sour cherries and apricots.AnonymousPortland, Oregon05/06/20too many steps for just ok resutlsHave tried to post this several times and it won't let me, but just let me post a positive post no problem. These are not worth it - lots of good ingredients that together were oddly not that tasty. Now and again the perfect bite had the right combination of fruit nut and chocolate, but basically blander than any trail mix I have had.These were killer!!! I subbed equal parts chickpea flour for the white flour and honey for the white sugar and dialed it down on the choco (sue me) and also could not be bothered to wait while the batter chillaxed in the fridge and they still turned out insanely good!! Perfect post hike snack!misscribbsWinnipeg, MB, Canada05/02/20The cookies are delicious! The recipe was easy to follow and execute. The oats are toasted with the nuts and seeds; you will add the oats when you add the nuts. Next time I will make the recipe using sour cherries and pistachios.These were great! I doubled the recipe and made smaller cookies than it suggests (heaping spoonfuls). Kids who don't normally like nuts in their cookies loved them. As someone else noted, the recipe doesn't say when to add the oats, so I added at the same time as the flour. I used pistachios, pepitas, walnuts, pecans, macadamias, almonds--basically used up all of those lingering pantry nuts--about $20 worth, I'd say...and the dog ate at least half the batch off the counter while they were cooling...!AnonymousWisconsin05/01/20Recipe was difficult to read and follow but I took a pic and was able to zoom in, but it mostly ran together, like reading a Henry James novel. Needed more batter; maybe my pecans took it up in their creases. Had to use a knife to break it up when it came out of the fridge, then couldn't form balls but made little pyramids and hoped for the best. May hold together with 25% more flour/egg.AnonymousColorado04/28/20

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