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Rustic potatoes

Rustic potatoes

I boiled the potatoes and boiled them in their skins. After they cooled, I cleaned them and cut the right slices.

I cut the onion and garlic into fish, then I put them in hot oil. It may seem more at first glance, but keep in mind that we will add potatoes in the same oil. When they started to get a golden color I added a little paprika, then the ham. I mixed them and they are all starting to caramelize.

Add the potatoes, bay leaf, salt, pepper and a little more paprika for a more beautiful color. Mix and leave on high heat until the potatoes get a nice golden crust.

I stopped the fire, took out the peasant potatoes on a plate and sprinkled chopped green dill over them. I served the food with assorted pickles and a terrible appetite.

I invite you to the table, how else?